हिन्दी संस्करण



Details related to Area/Construction under Avadh Shilp Gram


S.No Name of Building Types of Shops A/C or Non A/C No.
1 Craft Shop Building
1A Craft Shop Ground Floor Non AC 81
1B Craft Shop 1st Floor Shop Non AC 63
1C Open Platforms Ground & 1st Floor Non AC 25
2 A/C Craft Shop Building
2A A/C Craft Shop Ground Floor AC 16
2B A/C Craft Shop 1st Floor AC 16
2C Anchorshop Ground Floor Provisional 01
2D Craft Shop small size Ground Floor Non A/C 12
2E Craft Shop small size First Floor Non A/C 10
3 Dormitory Building
3A Dormitory Duplax Anchor Shop Non A/C 05
3B Dormitory for Craftmans Ground Floor/1st Floor Non AC 200 bede
4 Craft Court Ground Floor Non AC 24
5 Exhibition Hall Building (Area 1200 sq mt)
5A Exhibition Hall for Exhibition Ground Floor A/C 1
6 Food Court Building
6A Food Court Ground Floor/Food stall with kitchen AC 08
6B Food Court Ground Floor 7 1st floor / Anchor stall Provisional 02
6C Food Court First Floor Resturant Provisional 02
7 Function Hall Building
7A Function Hall No.1 (Capacity 600-700 person with Kitch, 2 washroom, 01 store + 2 room) Ground Floor A/C 01
7B Function Hall No.2 (Capacity 700-800 person with kitch, 2 washroom, 1 store + 2 room) Ground Floor A/C 01
7C A/C room with Hall First Floor A/C 08
8 Amphitheater Ground Floor Open 02
9 Open Ground   Open 01
10 Space For Advertiging Standee, Canope, wall hanging counter, Stage etc.