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Background of developing Avadh Shilp Gram in Avadh Vihar Scheme of the Parishad

  1. Lack of arrangement of promotion of art of local artisans, sale of handicraft materials and their training at one place was felt from quite a long time within the state.
  2. Special attention has been paid on promotion of cottage industries and handicrafts by the Samajwadi Government of the state.
  3. Unavailability of a central place in the state for exhibition of handicrafts and sale of its related materials.
  4. In a state (Uttar Pradesh) with population of around 22 crore various handicrafts are famous in various parts of the state like woodwork of Saharanpur, Brass pots / decorative accessories of Moradabad, locks of Aligarh, bangles of Ferozabad, mud pots of Gorakhpur, leather crafts of Agra and Kanpur, Chiken work and zardozi as well as silver work of Lucknow, perfume of Kannauj, carpets of Bhadohi and potteries of Khurja. These handicrafts are popular nationally as well as internationally.
  5. Due to the unavailability of a determined place for exhibition and sale of handicrafts within the state, complete exhibition and sale of these handicrafts were not available to national as well as international tourists.
  6. With the objective of providing the favourable environment for the exhibition, promotion and development of above mentioned handicrafts just like Delhi Haat in Lucknow,Avadh Shilp Gram has been decided to be developed by U.P Avas Vikas Parishad under Avadh Vihar Scheme in an area of 20 acres.
  7. A provision of 200 stores, Auditorium, Amphitheatre, food court, exhibition hall and dormitories as a restroom for artisans along with other entertainment resources has been made under the above mentioned scheme.
  8. Under this project for developing interest in handicrafts 24 units of craft court are being constructed where live exhibition of various forms of handicrafts will be carried out.
  9. Under this project, greenery will also be developed in the premises, which will provide pleasant environment to tourists/consumers.
  10. To make the project more attractive, playgrounds for children will also be constructed, which will consist of sports equipment of international level.
  11. To provide relaxing environment to visiting tourists and consumers, various live performance of folk art will also be organized in ampy theatres, which will also help in promoting folk art.
  12. Food courts are also being constructed for fooding facility of tourists, which will consist of various national and international food items.